Krby Rüegg

Dokonalé jako švýcarské hodinky.

Rüegg Neptun

Just like Neptun, located at the outer edge of our solar system, the efficiency level of the Neptun fireplace from Rüegg is at the upper end of what can be achieved today. The extraordinary efficiency can only be achieved through very careful construction and finishing along with a sophisticated air supply system.

These are features of all Rüegg fireplaces: We want to extract the greatest possible proportion of usable heat, alongside cosiness and security, from the valuable raw material that is wood. Since 1955, we have been a leader in this industry and, in recent decades, have come up with a range of ground-breaking inventions in the development of fireplaces. Rüegg is consequently often copied but, thankfully, rarely equalled. So if you opt for a Neptun from Rüegg then you’re making a good choice.

With its generosity, the fireplace fits into a wide range of different living room designs. Its pleasantly unobtrusive and tasteful presentation lends it refined understatement. It suits you. Incidentally, the fire has particular charm in Neptun with the tunnel variant. It is hard to imagine a more attractive interior design or room partition element.

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