Krby Rüegg

Dokonalé jako švýcarské hodinky.

Rüegg Jupiter

The Rüegg Jupiter is a fireplace for almost all purposes. It stages the fire behind a semicircular panoramic panel or behind puristic panels with a flat design. It is also available as a tunnel. With this variety, you can creatively design (dream) living rooms.

Its external values quickly become apparent: The tidy design and beautiful finishing of the high-quality materials leave nothing to be desired. The internal values are likewise convincing: On the one hand, the high efficiency level of 80 percent which squeezes plenty of valuable warmth out of the wood. On the other hand, the low emission values which, together with the environmental friendliness of the fireplace, bring a fantastic clean record. The practical is also combined with the pleasurable. So, which other heating system provides even a roughly comparable attitude to life with security, independence and reliability?! By the way: the round panel shape is a trend for tomorrow. Don’t miss out on it.

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